Edward Bailey, 65 lost the sight in his left eye caused by an accidental drop of caustic soda in his eye at work. After two unsuccessful corneal transplants, he underwent a pioneering stem cell operation that restored his vision.

saved by <b>stem cell</b>
Edward Bailey: “I am very optimistic that my eyesight will improve even more.”

This is the story of Edward Bailey.

He was first treated at Worthing Eye Hospital to stabilize his eye.

In Queen Victoria hospital his first corneal transplant in July 1994 failed due to a persistent defect. He had more operations without success.

Dr. Sheraz Daya, a specialist eye surgeon, explained him about the stem cell transplanting procedure.

It involved transplanting stem cells grown in a laboratory into the eye, followed by another cornea transplant.

The cells are placed on the cornea to encourage growth and healing.

I had the operation and, after the dressings came off, I found I could see some colors and blurred movement. Later, at home, I removed the dressing to bathe my eye, then I covered my good eye with my hand to measure what improvement, if any, had occurred.

I leave it to your imagination as to the emotion that I felt when I saw my image come into view in the mirror.

That was more than two-and-a-half years ago, and I still see colors and have vision. The vision, though blurred, is wonderful to have, and I consider myself a very lucky person to have met Mr. Daya and his great team.

As the success rate increases and the technology moves further ahead, I am very optimistic that my eyesight will improve even more - and more and more people will regain their sight.

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