Embryonic stem cell battle at Michigan set to fire once again, republican lawmakers introduced a package that may set extra rules and restrictions for researchers, which was previously loosen by the voters.

Proposal 2 as it was passed last year allows for the donation of embryos that went unused in fertility treatments.

State Senator Tom George feels that the legislation needs to be reviewed again, he believes that the bill is not specific enough and there some gaps that need to be filled up.

For example;

  • There is no penalty backup for the provision that the use of stem cells older than 14 days is banned.
  • The law requires consent of the donor, but it does not specify what that entails.

Henceforth, lawmakers will introduce bills that would establish reporting requirements and penalties for violations related to Proposal 2, which Michigan voters approved in 2008.

As per the new bill Researchers have to report how many embryos they use and how they are used.

The legislation proposes a $5,000 penalty for violating embryo donors’ privacy rights.

However, Proposal 2 supporters are very much watchful of their efforts, as the new bill could undermine the the will of the people, who approved the constitutional amendment to lift restrictions on stem cell research.

According to former Congressman Joe Schwarz, they couldn’t stop it at the ballot box, so they’re trying to stop it by throwing a regulatory barrier at the research.

Source: detnews.com