Massachusetts, one of the richest states in the USA, is respected in the country as a state of liberal outlook. The town Cambridge is blessed with a number of the most advanced institutions and biotech companies in the world. Massachusetts is rich in stem cell research also. For the last few years, the city has made a major progress in stem cell research.

Unfortunately, the city is facing many problems and restrictions because of the hostile attitude of the national legislature. The ever going disagreement among the different segments of the country often makes problems. Many voters in Massachusetts will look to the candidates to see where they stand on stem-cell research and how much they will let groups with religious interests interfere with public policy.

The stem cell are the new age solution in the hands of the researchers and doctors. Many fatal diseases like Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinson’s disease can be treated more effectively. The possibilities are seemingly endless regarding what can be done with the human body.

There are deep divisions between the supporters and opponents of stem cell research. Some believe that the that a stem cell is an embryo and is entitled to protection under the law, similar to how pro-life advocates believe that a fetus is a developing human being and should be treated with the same consideration under the law. There is also fear that the manipulation of stem cells is similar to playing God and could lead to human cloning.

The secular and liberal point of view considers stem cell as living cells and not the complete human being. They have not taken on any particular purpose in the human body yet and therefore are just compounds of living material waiting to be given direction.

Experts believe that Massachusetts, being a liberal wealthy state, should be given the full go ahead to conduct stem cell research. The city has the capability of doing the high level, expensive research needed to bring stem cell research into the final stages of going from experimental possibility into real medical treatment. Religious fundamentals have no place in the field of medicine, it is time to get some work done and stem cells are the best place to start.

Source: Associated Content