As part of the $59 million round of fund, by the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, scientists are likely receive almost $15 million fund to support stem cell research. The fund is likely to add to the use of stem cell therapy in diseases like leukemias and premature birth and birth defects. It is the second round of grants the institute has awarded to new faculty.

To boost research work, the grants will be provided for net five years and will range from $1.7 million to more than $3 million.

Because of the fierce competition for limited federal funding for scientific research, it is estimated that scientists generally are in their early 40s before they receive their first major grant from the National Institutes of Health.
The fund is allotted to six scientists from the UCSD and San Diego State University.

The scientists are:
Catriona Jamieson, an assistant professor of medicine and director of Stem Cell Research at Moores UCSD. Mana Parast, an assistant professor in the UCSD School of Medicine’s Department of Pathology. Benjamin Yu, an assistant professor in the Division of Dermatology in the UCSD School of Medicine. Shyni Varghese, an assistant professor in the Department of Bioengineering in the UCSD Jacobs School of Engineering. Bing Ren, an associate member of the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research and associate professor in the UCSD’s Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine. Ricardo Zayas, an assistant professor of biology at San Diego State University.