A recent survey by the Jackson & Coker Industry, prominent physician recruitment firm finds that stem cell researchers and supporters not necessary agree on the ethical issues of the research. Some parts of the survey are mentioned below.

The survey, is entitled “The Stem Cell Research Debate“. It includes some of the physicians across major specialties and other healthcare providers throughout the United States. The survey finds some benefits of the stem cell research. They are:
– Improve peripheral circulation
– Tissue regeneration after wounds
– Better understanding of human reproduction
– Advance in vitro fertilization technology
– Regenerate retinal tissue related to macular degeneration
– Increase physical mobility for disabled patients
– Treat leukemia, diabetes, hypertension, spinal traumas, MI’s
– Bone barrow transplantation
– Regenerate cardiac muscle after heart failure
– Treat Crohn’s disease
– Slow growth of tumors
– Fetal gene therapy
– Development of bone substitutes
– Treat psychiatric patients with parkinsonism, tardive dyskinesia, etc.

Comments provided by survey respondents indicate the range of positions that many healthcare professionals take when debating stem cell research:
- “Stay away from the embryonic stem cells. [This eliminates the ethical debate!”
- “Avoid the inevitable controversy of embryonic stem cell research by focusing all funds and research on adult stem cells.”
- “Stop religious organizations from getting involved with interpretation of science and technology.”
- “Clarify the advantages to adult stem cell research. Also expose the financial gains that are the real issue behind the embryonic stem cell research.”
- “Only truly qualified experts should give scientific facts and not opinions on the ethical aspects of the research. Most physicians are not qualified to weigh in on the debate in this arena.”
- “Scientifically study the true capabilities of both embryonic and adult stem cells and reach a truthful conclusion.”
- “Use of stem cells from discarded embryos is analogous to transplanting organs from cadavers–essentially finding some benefit in a tragic situation.”
- “My personal opinion has little to do with the practice of medicine and research. Where would modern medicine be without the past research?”
- “We should be respectful of various opinions but point out that the goal here is to improve and save lives.”

Stem cell research is a popular debate topic among health care consumers as well as those in the medical profession. The survey showed that despite general agreement that stem cell research is a promising frontier for advancing medical care, healthcare practitioners are divided over key philosophical and ethical questions.

Source: MedicalNewsToday