After the much talked about stem cell research scenario in USA, UK and other countries, its time to look at other parts of Europe, Germany. Famous in world for various reasons ranging from imperialism to sports, the country is now concentrating on stem cell research.

Dr. Susanne Engel-Hoemke, the press contact for the Nabelschnurblutbank [Umbilical Cord Blood Bank] Stellacure, in Germany’s Hamburg-Eppendorf reveals her thoughts in an interview she said the country is facing pressure for its prospects in embryonic stem cell research.German stem cell laws have enabled the researchers to conduct a certain amount of [treatment] research with these cells. Ethical constraints forbid the use of bone marrow and umbilical cord blood on human beings.

Both bone marrow and umbilical cord blood, are being used in treatment. To date, approximately 100 children have received their own umbilical cord blood as a remedy for brain injuries following birth, to combat type 1 diabetes, and for specific bone marrow illnesses in Germany. That does not sound like a large number, but the children whose parents had stored umbilical cord blood are still quite young and fortunately do not have [other] debilitating illnesses.

Speaking on the role of her organization Nabelschnurblutbank Stellacure on stem cell research, she said the organization became licensed in mid-2006 to harvest and store umbilical cord blood and have offered our services since January 2007. Storage is with the blood bank DRK Baden-Wuerttemberg-Hessen in Frankfurt. Between the two there is great cooperation.They rely on decades-old records and the experience of the blood bank and thus offer parents a high-quality cell product. We also utilize the expansion of the public umbilical cord bank in Mannheim, which the DRK has managed since 1996.

Source: Epoch Times