The US President Barack Obama has finally come to action. As his first step, he decides to go against the policies of George W Bush regarding stem cell research and domestic drilling for oil and natural gas. He is reviewing Bush’s executive orders on those two issues and others.

John Podesta, Obama’s transition chief, told that Obama is working to build a diverse Cabinet. That includes reaching out to Republicans, and independents who were part of the broad coalition that supported Obama during his race to White House. Defence Secretary Robert Gates has been mentioned as a possible holdover.

Obama, was elected on a promise of change, but the nature of the job makes it difficult for Presidents to do much that has an immediate impact on the lives of average people. Congress plans to take up a second economic aid plan before year’s end, an effort Obama supports. But it could be months or longer before taxpayers see the effect, the news magazine said. Bush used his executive powers to limit federal spending on embryonic stem cell research, a position championed by opponents of abortion rights who argue that destroying embryos is akin to killing a fetus.

Obama has supported the research in an effort to find cures for diseases like Alzheimer’s. Many moderate Republicans also support the research, giving it the stamp of bipartisanship, the report noted.

On drilling, the federal Bureau of Land Management is opening about 360,000 acres of public land in Utah to oil and gas drilling. Bush administration officials argue that the drilling will not harm sensitive areas as opposed by the environmentalists.

Republican Mike Pence said,

“It’s going to be a cheerful opposition. We’re going to carry those timeless principles of limited government, a strong defence, traditional values, to the American people.”

Source: rediff News