GE-HealthcareQuite evidently a huge tug of war is going on between drug manufacturers and bio-tech companies to establish a viable stem cell product in the market. When every one is moving in a neck-break speed to capture and lead the market as a first stem cell product manufacturer, a famous electric company, General Electric (GE) quite surprisingly decided to work with stem cell research.

It is not difficult to figure out why GE with it’s motto “We bring good things to life,” and sharp  business evaluation sense, have chosen a totally different field.

GE have decided to work with stem research company Geron Corporation, through it health care division GE Healthcare, to come up with commercial products from stem-cells.

The stem cell products does not involve cloning, they will develop and commercialize cellular assay products derived from human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) for use in drug discovery, development and toxicity screening.

Their intention is to avoid time consuming clinical trials
and find out a cost effective direct way for drug companies to test and research drugs toxicity and side effects on humans.

By using stem-cells to determine how a potential new drug will affect the heart or the liver, drug companies can determine which drugs to pursue and which to ditch much earlier in the development stages.  This allows drug researchers to focus time and resources on viable new drug therapies.

GE Healthcare will use its Cell Factory to reproduce and manufacture stem-cells generated by Geron’s technology.  The companies anticipate generating specialized stem-cells for drug research in sufficient quantities to speed up the development of new drugs.

Source: Tech.Blorge