Cody-UnserOnly a disable person knows the actual pain of the disability, she is Cody Unser a disabled disability activist, the global voice for disable person, student at University of Redlands and head of the Cody Unser First Step Foundation.

Cody now 22 was paralyzed from the chest down since the age of twelve from Transverse Myelitis, Cody spent time talking and writing to whomever would listen, from news stations and morning shows, also knocking on doors of leaders like Senator Pete Domenici and others.

On a very recent town hall meeting she strongly urges  President Obama for rapid acceleration of stem cell research so that a cure can be found for paralysis.

Cody who never lost hope in the science and the dedicated scientists, honestly admits that, was started losing hope and faith in her government.

She even tried her best to convinced President Bush to allow stem cell funding almost a decade ago.

She went room to room with her doctors from John’s Hopkins to make people understand stem cell therapy and the science behind it and thus labeled as “Rat Girl” by the Washington post.

Cody is happy and hopeful now that politics has been taken out of the picture.

She is determined to work with President Obama’s administration to bring stem cell capabilities to reality. She believes that stem cell therapy got the ability to reverse the the unacceptable disable condition in which many Americans are living.

According to an April 2009 survey from the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, more than 5.6 million Americans currently live with paralysis, this survey report is five times more than originally estimated. And the worst part of it is nearly a quarter of these paralyzed Americans have to survive only on a annual household incomes of $10,000 or less.

The Cody Unser First Step Foundation is a global not-for-profit organization dedicated to raising research funds, public awareness and quality of life for those afflicted with all forms of spinal cord-related paralysis.

The foundation wants the followings from government:

  • A cure for paralysis is found soon
  • Lofty medical expenses would diminish
  • Employment opportunities would expand
  • Financial independence would boost

Cody believes in Christopher Reeve’s saying ‘GO FORWARD’, and she also believes that their President Obama like a living superman will just made that so, he is just the kind of hope whom millions battling with different diseases and paralyzing conditions were looking for.

Now the hope to walk have strengthen with the faith, the faith on government the faith on the President of United States.

Thank you President on behalf of all disabled bed ridden people, thank you on behalf of people on wheel chairs, thanks on behalf of those parents whose little ones are fighting against killer diseases, thanks from the people who are living in the darkness and have not seen the world ever.

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