Scientists from University of Oklahoma Cancer Institute declared that their research into how stem cell proteins cause tumor growth will definitely  lead to a future cure for some cancers.

Study author Dr. Courtney Houchen and Dr. Shrikant Anant claimed that they have identified a cancer protein in some adult stem cells and discovered how it works to turn off a natural tumor suppressor and turn on a gene that causes intestinal and colon cancers.

At OU Health Sciences Center, on Thursday Dr Houchen have declared that their findings supports their hypothesis that stem cells are the origin of cancers. He also added that  this is going to be the future of cancer therapy.

Unlike other cells, stem cells are not targeted by current treatments like chemotherapy or radiation because they divide slowly and can lie dormant.

The scientists hope to develop therapies or medications within five to seven years that would destroy or reduce the cancer protein and stop the disease from spreading or reoccurring.

The research appears in an upcoming issue of the journal Gastroenterology.