Texarkana neurosurgeons introduced an innovative stem cell procedure that could improve the desired results of surgical interventions of spinal cord injury and back pain.

Neurosurgeons Dr. Lee Buono, Dr. Freddie Contreras, and Dr. J. Brett Dietze of Texarkana Neurological Associates used concentrated stem cells for spine surgery. The specialist trio aimed the new procedure to enhance the healing potential of adult stem cells from patients own body.

Scientists during surgeries for the neck and back, extracted bone marrow from the hip through a small incision. Then the marrow is promptly processed by an FDA-approved device and the living cells delivered back to the surgeon in a concentrated dose to be implanted back into a patient.

Leading researchers in the orthopedic and spine industry are highly encouraged and predict that these latest developments in this field of medicine will become mainstream practice and, potentially, a standard of care for surgical treatments of severe back pain.

Texarkana researchers believe that their main focus is to improve the quality of life of their patients. This surgical approach is without arguments on the cutting edge, and the potential outcomes utilizing this technology may create an option for even the most critical patient.
This is minimally invasive, efficient, safe and effective procedure.

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Source: PRNewswire