Man has always been looking for a disease free life, a life that is free from any suffering and disease. In his never ending search for the desired life, he discovered many medicines and treatments. Stem cell can be termed as the latest result of that human quest.

If we see around, we find that scientists around the world, are doing research on the subject. They are trying to discover the use of stem cell for various fatal diseases and injuries. Stem cell have the power to save us from diseases, viruses and paralysis. Researchers are making amazing discoveries with stem cells using an endless supply that’s in our own bodies.

Houston researchers have found that the patients suffering from congestive heart failure can use their own stem cells for treatment. Stem cell, the researchers say, has the ability to transfer itself to any kind of cell in the body. Stem cells are now being used to build new blood vessels and cardiac muscles. Doctors can harvest stem cells with a patient’s own bone marrow. Dr. Lesley Carr, Urologist with Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center/University of Toronto said:

“Using your own body tissue as opposed to something foreign alleviates problems with reactions.”

Doctors have so far been able to take the stem cell from the leg of the patients and inject them into muscles around the urethra, to strengthen muscles and prevent leakage. Another new breakthrough — scientists have turned ordinary skin cells into a type of stem cell that is capable of forming multiple tissues without using human eggs or embryos.

Source: WJXT Jacksonville