friends-foreverStem cell can also create mental bondage, can create new families, it can create a true sense of pure blood relations

The most desirable subject in the world of regenerative medicine and the medical world as a whole, the most interesting word for the common people, the synonym of hope for mothers of those children who are fighting with deadly diseases, synonym for new life for person who knows that death is surely knocking at the door– is one and only STEM CELL.

We know well enough that stem cell can copy themselves for an unlimited times and can grow into any type of bodies cells, such as muscle cells, blood cells or nerve cells and ultimately can grow organs, bones and tissues. They can also repair and replacement systems.

But as scientists are slowly uncovering the stem cell secrets, an amazing spectacular power of stem cell have came out into the limelight, stem cell can also create mental bondage, can create new families, it can create a true sense of pure blood relations.

Now a days when every one of us is fighting overpopulation, and to get rid of it we have chosen speed, selfishness and untruthfulness, and the outcome is politics, divorce, violence, etc. When nearest relations are getting into deepest complexity, in this juncture, as morning shows the day, stem cell has started creating unbreakable bondage, unbreakable relations between totally unknown persons.

Have you ever heard of relations like: Stem Uncle, Cell Mate, Blood Relative, bound together by DNA, or programs like “match made in heaven“.

Sheila Kepic, 47, wakes up and breathes in another day now because Guilloty donated stem cells to the Lorain County leukemia patient in 2007. They’re “cell mates” now, joked Kepic. Bound together by DNA.

Kepic’s friends and family celebrated this “match made in heaven” with a party at the Amvets Post 55 in Sheffield Lake. Guilloty received a hero’s welcome after flying in from Seattle with her husband and daughter.

She’s part of Kepic’s family now, a blood relative in every sense of the phrase. Guilloty, 39, learned something quickly about her new family, too.

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Stem cells of an unknown long distant donor saved the life of Bob Winkelmann, a 67 years old retired businessman suffering from acute myeloid leukemia for years.

In 2006 Bob learned that he will need the stem cells of a healthy individual to survive. He tried his own stem cells, tried his family, relatives, children, brother, but nobodies tissue type matched.

Finally he was lucky enough to found a match, it works and his life was saved.

Bob was determined to find out his life saver, he was not allowed to try to contact Lutz for at least a year after receiving her stem cells but said finding her was always in the back of his mind.

Lutz was also wondering who the patient was, where he lived, if he had a family, if he had a real chance of survival. Would ever there will be a chance to talk with him?

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