stem-cell-faceliftA promise for knife- free pain less natural way stem cell facelifting offered by Giampapa Institute for Anti-Aging Medical Therapy in Montclair, NJ, US.

Dr. Giampapa, director of the Giampapa Institute for Anti-Aging Medical Therapy, is a board-certified plastic reconstructive surgeon and Assistant Clinical Professor of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey and is one of the first certified anti-aging medical physicians in the world.

His research and technology comprise a non-surgical procedure for complete facial rejuvenation that involves injecting pluripotent cells, including stem cells, into the skin of individuals whose skin has lost its firmness and texture due to age.

The pluripotent cells stimulate the growth of various cells in the skin, leading to the restoration of the skin’s firmness and texture. The procedure can be accomplished under local anesthesia in an office setting and typically requires only a week of recovery time.

Giampappa’s stem cell facelift not only lifts, but reduces wrinkles, thereby reducing the need for costly and painful injections of facial fillers.

The result is found to be very prompt, the stem cell technique of Dr. Giampappa’s requires just local anesthetics, and within a week patients can go out doors with a almost normal face.

Patients own stem cells are separated from fat withdrawals, mostly from lower abdominal area, and then the stem cells are injected into facial areas.

Stem cells starts working very quickly by encourage the skin to generate its own stem cells, and within a week or so patients discovers a firm face and younger skin.

Dr. Giampappa also producd personalized skin creams from his patients’ own stem cells.

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