The number of stem cell donors in China has nearly doubled over the past year after a promotion campaign by the Red Cross Society of China.

Wang Yanjing, an official in charge of stem cell donation with the Red Cross Society in north China’s Hebei province, says that, number of donors registered in the China Bone Marrow Databank increased from 360,000 in March, 2006 to the present total of 650,000. So far, nearly 700 of the volunteers have donated stem cells for transplant, 300 more than that in March 2006.

The Red Cross Society of China created the China Bone Marrow Databank in 1992.

In recent years, the Red Cross Society, with financial support from national welfare lotteries, has introduced a series of measures to educate Chinese people in stem cell donation.

Increased media coverage of successful transplants has also contributed to arousing public attention and dispelling apprehension.

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