Poway-manFifty-one years old Mark Buenconsej, man from Poway, a city in San Diego County, California, United States, have had crossed all three hardest hurdles and now hopefully ready for the stem cell treatment to stop the effects of systemic scleroderma, at coastal-city Seattle.

There are two main types of scleroderma: Localized and Systemic. The systemic forms can affect any part of the body (skin, blood vessels, and internal organs.) The systemic forms are also referred to as “systemic sclerosis” plus other terms such as diffuse, limited, CREST, and overlap. When it affects the internal organs, it may cause disability or even death.

Firstly he had to struggle for fund-raising. Local fundraisers earlier this year raised enough money for his three-month stay in Seattle.

Then he successfully fought an insurance company that originally had refused to cover the estimated $350,000 cost for the procedure, but was directed to cover it by the California Department of Managed Care after Buenconsejo filed a complaint with the state.

But still he had to wait patiently for a perfect bone marrow donor, which is very difficult to find. Finally as a great relief doctors decided to use cord blood stem cells as an alternative and found a match for him.

After the confirmation of matching stem cells, Buenconsejo has started chemotherapy, next he will fly to Seattle to undergo two weeks of preparations for the treatment. During that time he will be run through another series of tests, and if all goes well he will begin another round of chemotherapy and radiation treatments before receiving the stem cells.

We wish all success for the Poway man, but the second most important thing is, this man is getting the stem cell therapy within United States, which is a rare thing. Almost every time we had to mention that as there is no treatment available in US so such and such is going to such and such place for his or her only hope miraculous stem cell treatment- so things are changing. We shall be looking forward to observe more and more stem cell therapy within US.

Source: North County Times