In a breakthrough study conducted by the researcher from All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), found that stem cell therapy could reverse the disability of partial paralysis patients up to 70 % within one year of time.

According to the lead researcher, AIIMS neurologist Dr Kameshwar Prasad,  stem cells are capable of repairing the patient’s neurological deficits caused by stroke and greatly reduces the handicap situation.

Dr Prasad also added that the stem cell therapy shows excellent safety profile. After carrying out Pet scans and MRIs thrice in a year on patients who received stem cells,  no side-effects were found.

15 stroke patients within a age group of 38-70 years were enrolled in the study. 12 of them received 86 million bone marrow cells and three did not and was the control group. The injected stem cells were taken from the patient’s own bone marrow back into his antecubital vein (in the forearms, near the elbow).

The selected 12 patients were given stem cell shots within the first month after onset of stroke. Around 70% in the stem cell group were able to overcome their handicaps and successfully return to previous activities like playing golf, working in office and cooking. In the control group, only one patient was free of handicap at the end of the year.

Though this study confirms that stem cells are a safe and feasible therapy in acute stroke. But researchers are looking forward to conduct bigger study to justify the confirmation.

Source:Times of India