stem cell awarenessBored about stem cell debates? On Sunday children from all over the country gathered at Gilchrist Park in Punta Gorda, Florida, to explain their futures depend on stem cells, it was not the highly debated kind, its like story from mouth of the horse, Its like teaching a lesson to the elders, where kids tried to help the world to understand the stem cell treatment better that help to restore their vision which was otherwise robbed.

Teenager Macie Morse who was suffering from Optic Nerve Hypoplasia, had the stem cell treatment last year from China. For the first time the 16-year-old is enjoying life as a normal teenager.

8 years old Bailey locklear explained about her birth defect, it is called Optic Hypoplasia. Kids with O.N.H. could not see many things which many of us could easily see. This defect makes her school studies a difficult thing, its like a daily struggle. A telescope is required to see the board.

Little Locklear will receive the stem cell therapy at China, this year in spring. She is highly encouraged and hope to do better in the school, see airplanes and jets in the sky.

It was a testimonial for and by the people who have had experienced improvements. The gathering was a great way to provide moral support to each other along with updated knowledge, and all different experiences, approved, 21-year-old Devin Riley, a singer from New Jersey who also underwent treatments in China for ONH.

Children were very much aware of the goal of the gathering, they knew the treatment procedure pretty well.  Morse explained at a gathering of 50 people, that the stem cells which cured her were obtained from a umbilical cord of a healthy baby and those are harmless. They were also aware about the disease. Children were happy an excited to spread their stories through out the world, they want that all the helpless children who are suffering from incurable birth defects should know about the the magic word- “stem cell”. that “stem cell treatment” really got the potential to cure and they are the living prove.

Medical experts were also near by to provide information at the stem cell awareness event. Dr. K.K. Hakim who is working with stem cells for the past fifty years, wanted to steer stem cell discussion away from controversy, and hopes that stem cell critics will began to see as clearly as the children feels about the stem cell treatment.

Source: NBC2