A special child has taken birth in Spain with an aim to provide cure to his suffering brother Andres. His birth is special as he is born through stem-cell selection which contains no genes of hereditary disease.

Parents of Javier see the child, a life savior as the doctors has confirmed that the umbilical cord of Javier will be able to save his elder brother, Andres from his ill condition.

Andres, 6 son of Soledad Puertas and Andrés Mariscal, from Seville, is suffering from beta-thalassaemia, a severe form of anemia that requires constant blood transfusions. Which ultimately can lead him to heart problems and death before reaching 35.

This condition can be avoided by bone marrow transplantation, which will soon be taken from his brother Javier’s umbilical cord.

His parents are now pinning their hopes on their newborn son. Ms Puertas, 35, says: “We knew about a few investigations to do with stem cells but little more. We started to ask some doctors and once we had all the permissions we decided it was the best for our son.”

Source: https://www.timesonline.co.uk/