The presidential advisory committee after hesitating twice, finally declared on wednesday  that South Korea have decided to lift the three years old ban on cloned human stem cell research.

The National Bioethics Committee, a presidential advisory group, said Wednesday it has decided to allow a Seoul based hospital, Cha Medical Center to conduct work on human stem cells created from cloned human embryos.

The committee issued several conditions on Cha Medical Center in exchange for the right to carry out human stem cell a) research, which includes:
b) hiring more bioethics experts,
c) reduce the amount of ova it planned to obtain,
d) not to generate excessive hopes for cures.
e) and to include a outside member in its institutional review board.

Cha Medical Center is highly encouraged, they are looking forward to work with the disputed technology which they believe is very important for developing treatments for medical conditions such as Parkinson’s diseases, spinal injuries, diabetes, and cardiovascular disorders.

The government had to baned the  research in 2006 when it was proved that cloning expert Hwang Woo-suk, who claimed to have created stem cells from cloned human embryos was totally based on faked data.

Though Hwang had applied for a new permission on last August to resume research on cloning human embryos but the Health Ministry rejected his request.

Source: AFP