Sohie-IsachsenSome NHS hospital says no to personal umbilical cord blood banking. They are banning mothers from saving the cord blood stem cells for the families own use, if required in future. A family’s chance of a successful treatment with the stem cells is much higher if there is a personal match.

If mother of new born babies likes to donate umbilical cord blood to the public banks, the stem cells become global, then it is available for any one who is a suitable match.

A public donation is made as a purely altruistic act, solely for the benefit of others. It has the potential to save the life of any person for whom the unit is a good match, including the person who donated it, if it is still available. Private cord banks store a unit solely for use by the donor or their family.

Watford General asks women to give to the NHS cord blood bank and King’s College encourages women to give the blood to the Anthony Nolan Trust. Other trusts, such as Wirral University teaching hospital and University College London hospital, ban personal collection of stem cells but do not donate to public banks.

But question arises if some killer disease is running withing your family members, then what you will do?

Let’s take the case of 37 years old Sophie Isachen, from southeast London, who unfortunately has a history of illness in her family and her younger sister, Rosalind, died aged 26 from a rare blood disorder. They have to decide for a private banking when her daughter born in December.

According to a spoke-man of a private cord blood bank, It is clear that NHS hospitals believe in the technology but are denying individuals this important opportunity to store their own baby’s stem cells.

But the charges for the life time storage of cord blood in the private banks are very high and almost beyond the reach of the common people, while the whole procedure is free of cost in public banks along with a good possible chances of getting a match when required.

Now, things are turning out to be very complex, global? or private?  But please don’t miss the train,  judge your situation and plan early if you are expecting a baby.

Source: Times online