As a step to keep pace with the world in stem cell research, Russia announced to invest 120 million Russian rubles. The research will focus on three aspects of stem cell research: developing stem cell technologies and treatment for traumatic skin injures; diabetes stem cell therapy and the utilization of stem cells in treating cardio-vascular diseases, including heart attacks.

In Russia stem cell therapy technology is not as developed as it should be. This is due mostly to inadequate funding. The market volume of stem cell therapies in Russia is much smaller than in the United States and in Europe. Some Russian clinics and medical centers are performing human and animal stem cell transplantations, which are focused on the physical revitalization and rebalancing of hormones in the patient’s body.

Presently, data indicates that only ten Russian companies are officially licensed to provide stem cell services. Basically, these companies are small entities that have been established at different medical institutions. In Russi, these companies are typically run by the individual doctors treating the patients and usually lack an international focus.

Source: InventorSpot