At an event hosted by the Scottish Stem Cell Network, researchers will discuss future and potential of stem cell research. The public meeting will take place in St Andrews next week.

At this event, members of the public will be able to hear the views of a panel of experts including scientists, clinicians, commercial parties and patients. Importantly, they will then have plenty of time to put their own questions to the panel.

The SSCN, which brings together scientists, academics, clinicians and businesses to help in the advance of stem cell biology towards new treatments for degenerative diseases, is constantly working to inform public debate. Already, there has been an excellent response with over 85 people, including local school pupils, signing up to attend the event that is being co-hosted by the University of St Andrews.

The speakers’ panel will include:
Professor Chris Barratt (Professor of Reproductive Medicine, Dundee)
Fergus McKenzie (ITI Life Sciences)
Sue Polson (MS Society – Patient Representative)

If anyone would prefer to email general questions in advance of the meeting, these should be addressed to:

The public meeting “Stem Cells – Theoretical Issues to Therapeutic Tissues” takes place at the University of St Andrews’ Gateway Building at North Haugh on Wednesday, December 3, 2008 at 6.30 p.m
• To register your interest, please contact Wendy-Wilson Watt by email to or by calling 0131 527 3442.