Moraga Biotechnology Corporation, an adult stem cell company based in Los Angeles, California, announces the discovery in adult tissues of a very primitive stem cell with properties that are similar to embryonic cells.

The Company’s scientists found that these adult stem cells were able to differentiate into most tissues and organs of the body — including spermatogonia. These very early embryonic stem cells appear to be retained in adult tissues as “Blastomere-Like Stem Cells (BLSCs).”

Since new research points to the possibility that cancers arise as diseases of adult stem cells, the Company believes these adult-derived stem cells may be an invaluable research tool for discovering new molecular pathways and drugs for treating and possibly curing many forms of cancer in the very near future.

The chief executive of the Company believes that, now they could quickly enter clinical testing, where damaged tissues, including the heart, brain, skin, or cartilage, could be repaired with the patient’s own unmodified stem cells.
The Company also intends to use its adult stem cell technology to treat patients suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease, using their own stem cells.

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