Pope Benedict XVI endorsed stem-cell research and therapy utilizing stem cells harvested from adults and umbilical-cord blood. He also called for researchers and doctors to work more closely together in applying the latest research.

“The possibilities opened up by this new chapter in research are in themselves fascinating” because adult stem-cell studies have pointed to actual and potential cures of degenerative diseases that would otherwise lead to disabilities or death, the pope said at an audience for participants attending a Vatican-sponsored congress on stem-cell therapy.

When will he be enlightened about the benefits of embryonic stem cell research?

The pope challenged the “frequent and unjust accusations of callousness” aimed against the church for its unwavering stance against the use of embryonic stem cells. The church has always been dedicated to curing diseases and helping humanity, he said.

It is callousness all right. Pope’s justification is nothing more than a vacuous statement.

The resistance the church shows toward embryonic stem-cell research is because the destruction of human embryos to harvest stem cells is “not only devoid of the light of God but is also devoid of humanity” and “does not truly serve humanity,” the pope said.

“There can be no compromise and no beating around the bush” when it comes to the direct destruction of human life — even when it is just a freshly conceived embryo, he said.

With all due respect this is asinine statement. There is neither science nor logic in asserting that embryos constitute human life. Moreover the embroys are anyway destroyed. So why not use them to save human lives?