Les McLaughlinIn order to raise enough money for the revolutionary stem cell research at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ont, Les McLaughlin, an paraplegic has pedalled with his hand all the way for 86 days.

McLaughlin, 50 is the oldest member of his small group of paraplegics. He has lost his power of legs in an accident way back in 1999. Recently he came to know about the revolutionary research that is been undertaking at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ont. This news has increased his hope of getting back into his legs. And so to raise enough funds for further research on regeneration of deadened nerves, he and his four other men of the same group, with their specially improvised vehicles braved the Rocky Mountains, torrential downpours and the boredom of the road through Canada.

Source: https://health.taragana.net/articles/paraplegics-use-hand-pedal-cycle-to-raise-money-for-stem-cell-therapy-for-spinal-cord-injury