Andrew McGinty, 41, from Palmwoods, Sunshine Coast, in south-east Queensland, who was paralysed in a motorcycle accident almost two years ago, hopes to walk again after receiving a controversial stem cell treatment in India. Andrew leaves for India today.

Brisbane woman Sonya Smith made international headlines when she managed to walk again after having the stem cell therapy earlier this year, after being paralysed in a car accident.

Mr McGinty says a television current affairs program on Sunday night, which dismissed the treatment, has not changed his mind and he is inspired bay Sonya’s progress.

Sonya regained the feeling in herself after three weeks, so it may take a shorter time or it might take a bit longer, it’s really up to the stem cell itself and how it regrows the nerve.

As most of us could feel the human sufferings, we are very much hopeful in stem cell treatment, best of luck Andrew your recovery is not only a personal event its a global requirement.

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