An United States patent entitled “Generation and Differentiation of Adult Stem Cells” has been awarded to Vitro Diagnostics, Inc. (patent number is 7,527,971 ).

The recently issued patent affords an exclusive proprietary position to the company for a new cellular therapy to treat Type I diabetes.

Vitro Diagnostics, Inc. dba Vitro Biopharma is committed for “Harnessing the Power of Cells.”
Vitro already owns US patents for :

production of the fertility drug, FSH, immortalization of cells, and adult stem cells.

Owns a pending US patent regarding :

stem cell-based cancer treatments.

Vitro is currently focusing for commercialization of “Tools for Stem Cell and Drug Development™.”

Vitro’s stem cell technology has shown promise for development of stem cell therapy for diabetes and cancer.

The new patent is intendet for the protection to a specific cell line derived from human pancreatic tissues that gives rise to structures comparable to the Islets of Langerhans (beta islets).

These islets also synthesize and secrete insulin in response to elevated glucose levels, as do beta islets contained within pancreatic tissue.

According to Vitro’s President and CEO, Dr. Jim Musick, the  business plan includes commercialization and expansion of their recently launched products to support stem cell research and drug development while we also pursue development of stem cell-based therapies for diabetes and cancer, chronic conditions with enormous costs to patients, society and global health care systems.

Source: BusinessWire