A Britain stem cell clinical trial has raised hope for those heart patients. The study finds that a heart patient could dramatically improve survival and quality of life, if the stem cell from his own heart can be delivered into his heart.

The lead researcher of the study, Prof Martin explained if the current experimental human trial proves successful, delivering stem cells could become a cost-effective hospital procedure for treatment following a heart attack, where the patient literally treats themselves with their own cells.

The trial, which started in April, looks at the impact of taking stem cells from a patient’s own bone marrow sample to deliver a “rescue force” to the heart.

Half of the 100 patients in the double-blind trial, funded by the UK Stem Cell Foundation and private donations, have their own stem cells delivered to their heart and the other half get water. Then they get follow-up tests on heart function and quality of life, he explained.Stem cells can reduce heart-attack damage by one-third in animal models, although scientists are not sure how it works.

Prof Martin said,

“My expectation is that we will have a major effect on decreasing death and morbidity. [The trial] is a lot of time and effort and money but we are only doing it because we think it will have a major effect.”