An eight year ban was placed on embryonic stem cell research by the former U.S. president George Bush.

Supporting the opinions of the conservative Christian community who considered derivation of stem cells from dead human embryos as killing babies, the Bush government prohibited stem cell research on human embryonic stem cell lines.

As promised on the presidential campaigns, Barrack Obama is soon expected to issue an executive order to lift the ban and allow scientists to freely conduct extensive researches on human embryos. This would be a giant leap towards advancement in the field of science and technology as because embryonic stem cells are the most basic master cells which can develop into any type of tissue.

Scientists believe the research could eventually produce cures for a variety of diseases, including Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, heart disease and spinal cord injuries.

This revolutionary step by Obama will undoubtedly make him immortal in the history of U.S. provided the research obtains expected success.