Endoderm cells are precursor cells that can eventually develop into cells of the pancreas, lungs, intestine, liver, thymus, bladder and thyroid. Form now as per on U.S. Patent 7,510,876 Novocell will control over all endoderm cells made from human embryonic stem cells.

Novocell is developing a diabetes therapy by using embryonic stem cells to create insulin-producing islet cells. The company’s goal is for the islet cells to treat diabetics, to take up the slack for islet cells in the pancreas that have been destroyed by the disease.

In the year 2008, Novocell was the first company to document that it could make human embryonic stem cells evolve first into endoderm cells and then into insulin producing cells.

According to Fred Middleton, Chairman & Acting CEO of Novocell, this patient is a milestone achievement. Endoderm cells represents the first critical step in the creation of a renewable islet source derived from hES cells that is targeted at restoring normal glucose regulation in people who are suffering from diabetes.

Novocell, Inc. is a stem cell engineering company with research and development operations in San Diego, California and Athens, Georgia, dedicated to creating, delivering and commercializing cell and drug therapies for diabetes.

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