As a way to regrow injured muscles, tendons, and bones without resorting to surgery, NIH today announces to open a new bone marrow center which will specially reside within the treatment for Arthritis, Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases.

The main aim of the NIH scientists is to make an Institute were they will be able to do research on the diseases like arthritis and Musculoskeletal diseases using autologous stem cells (from a patient’s own body). They also want to work on the data that they have received from veterinarians, who have been already using stem cells with horse injuries.

The treatment used by the veterinarians involves the extraction of blood from the sternum of an injured, anesthetized horse. Then with the help of ultrasound equipment they search the exact injured areas where the stem cells are needed to be injected. Amazingly, in as little as a month the injured tissue will be regrown and healed.

Researchers say that, the moving from animals to humans will take much more research as veterinarians don’t need to study on horse tendons to determine how the stem cells work on them in the process of healing.

But one thing they assures is that, this facilitating treatment in humans will open a new horizon in the field of regenerative medicine.