National Stem Cell has decided to make a mark in the cosmetics market in a different way. Decouverte Cosmetique,a subsidiary of the National Stem Cell is producing anti-aging products that incorporate tropelastin secreted from human embryonic stem cells. They claim that the product will enhance the natural formation of collagen and binds with existing protein chains in the skin to make it appear smoother and firmer.

National Stem Cell CEO Michael Cohen told that the company is trying to harness the power of tropelastin in the proposed anti aging product. Cohen said the inspiration for the products came from the natural glow of women post-conception, caused by the release of the chemical from embryonic stem cells. Cohen further added that the products escape the health risk warning flags out by critics of stem cell technology because they do not affect the growth of stem cells.

The product may cause some controversy because the active ingredient is sourced from human embryonic stem cells. However Cohen said that none of the stem cells were destroyed in the development of the products.
Source: cosmetics