For a child with blood cancer, getting a stem cell transplant often involves long stays at the hospital, with much of the time spent in isolation. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society has produced a new coloring book designed to help children confront their fears and anxieties by presenting information about this difficult experience in a fun, child appropriate format. The coloring book offers encouragement and support during the hospital stay, while also providing entertainment.

With illustrations by Brian Yanish, the Stem Cell Transplant Coloring Book depicts some of the technology and procedures that the children will encounter, including mouth swabs, central lines, gloves and facemasks. It addresses the transplant team, doctors, nurses and other hospital faculty that will become part of the child’s daily life during his or her stay. One page is a mood-o-meter, while another contains a maze to help the children escape from boredom. The book includes pages for coloring as well as other activities such as cutout door-hangers and postcards.

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