The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) have delivered a notice of allowance to Neuralstem, Inc. for a patent on four new chemicals that can boost the generation of new neurons.

Neuralstem claims that their  four inhouse compounds, with potent demonstrated neurogenic activity, are the only drugs that  enhance neurogenesis or the birth of new neurons in the adult brain.

The patent discloses potent activities by these chemicals to boost the generation of new neurons from human neural stem cells in-vitro as well as from the hippocampus of normal adult rodent brains.

The patent further discloses that these chemicals may be useful in treating a number of major central nervous system (CNS) diseases including depression, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke and traumatic brain injury, among others

Neuralstem President and CEO Richard Garr, is looking forward to conduct a phase I safety trial for treatment of major depression with their lead compound from this group.

Source: Pharmalive