If you have missed the chance to save the cord blood stem cells then don’ t worry, you could save it now from any healthy teeth. Powerful stem cells are found in teeth that provide parents with a ‘second opportunity’ to save stem cells.

Researchers at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) recently discovered stem cells in teeth – the cells that naturally repair your body.

Scientists are working rapidly to direct stem cells, so they grow into almost any type of human cells, including heart, brain, nerve, cartilage, bone and liver cells. Now you have an unprecedented and timely opportunity to secure and store your family’s own unique stem cells to treat future disease or injury.

Stem cells are being studied to affect other disease like diabetes, kidney problems; liver problems even Parkinson’s disease. It’s in human clinical trials, and it is expected to be available within the next decade. Stem cells from teeth are proving much better than those from even bone marrow.

According to expert, as dental stem cells are closely linked to bone and cartilage it is easy to manipulate these immature cells into cartilage. They’ve actually in the laboratory, have made an exact human anterior cruciate ligament(ACL).
Which teeth is required?

  • Baby teeth have the most viable cells.
  • Wisdom teeth are also a great source of stem cells.
  • Any healthy teeth will do.

Dental stem cells have significant medical benefits in the development of new medical therapies.  Using one’s own stem cells for medical treatment means a much lower risk of rejection by the body and decreases the need for powerful drugs that weaken the immune system, both of which are negative but typical realities that come into play when tissues or cells from a donor are used to treat patients.

Why you should save both cord blood and dental stem cells?
Cord blood stem cells and dental stem cells differ in a number of important ways. For example, dental stem cells are derived from neural crest cells, and may have strong potential for neural differentiation. There is no compelling reason why dental stem cells should not be banked in addition to cord blood cells.

Doctors recommend StemSave™ for banking stem cells from teeth for those parents who missed the opportunity to save their children’s cord blood.

StemSave claimed that their dental stem cells will be stored for life, as long as you remain current with annual service and storage fees on account.

Insurance doesn’t pay to store your stem cells there is a $590 set up laboratory fee and each year thereafter Abby will pay $100.

Stem cells in the human body age over time and their regenerative abilities slow down later in life.  The earlier in life that your family’s stem cells are secured, the more valuable they will be when they are needed most.

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