The US-based Cryo-Cell International (CCI), a family cord blood bank, has announced that it has processed and cryogenically preserved cord blood stem cells for over 100,000 clients and the company believes that it is the first and only family cord blood bank in the world to achieve this milestone.

Mercedes Walton, chairman and CEO of CCI, said that cord blood is discarded after child’s birth and is a rich source of stem cells, which can be harvested and preserved to be used for treating more than 75 serious ailments.

In addition, CCI’s affiliate operation in India, Asia Cryo-Cell Private Limited (ACPL) marketing under the brand LifeCell, a Chennai-based cord blood bank, has established offices in six major Indian cities, of which the Delhi office is scheduled to open today. ‘Although cord blood stem cell preservation is a new concept in India, the service has received interest from medical caregivers and expectant parents, S Abhaya Kumar, CEO, ACPL said.

‘We are committed to investing in research in stem cells and bringing therapies to India. LifeCell had already finalized its plans to move from storage to solutions by setting up the first exclusive private Hematology and Oncology stem cell transplant centre,’ and added that discussions are on with leading hospitals to announce the same.

Prasad Mangipudi, vice-president, marketing LifeCell, said that parents from across the social strata are going for this concept. ‘We even had enrollments from Bangkok, Lahore and Dubai and we will be launching our operations in 24 cities in 24 months including SAARC, Singapore and Malaysia. He further said that many leading hospitals across the country are coming forward for a tie-up in promoting this concept.

Source: News Today