Who are the real supporters of Stem Cell Research?

Meet Claire LeVine from Walnut Creek in California. Claire loves to watch her 7 year-old grandson, Bobby Stearns, play his heart out in Little League. What she doesn’t love is watching him endure daily insulin shots or painful finger-stick blood tests every few hours.

Bobby has juvenile diabetes, a disease that devastates not only the children who have it, but the families that care for them. LeVine would love to see a cure for the disease, which is why the Walnut Creek resident serves as East Bay president of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

It’s also why she is an active proponent of stem-cell research.

Most Californians agree with her, which is why Proposition 71 passed overwhelmingly in November 2004. The ballot measure established the S.F.-based California Institute of Regenerative Medicine at a total cost of $6 billion in bond debt.

Meet Patti Davis, ex-President Ronald Reagan’s daughter. Patti Davis has stood for her opinions throughout her life…sometimes speaking out against her father’s republican administration. She continues to ruffle feathers, but now has decided to do so in her father’s name.

Alongside her mother and brother, Patti has launched a campaign to find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. She visited I.S.U.`s campus to speak out. During her campaign, Davis has promoted and defended stem-cell research despite reservations from the Bush Administration.

Davis says to leave the benefits of the research untapped would be unethical. “We are looking at a new frontier of medicine. We’re looking at potentially a world without diseases that are taking people before their time and taking them in terrible ways and we don’t have any more time to waste.”

There are many many more worldwide including myself and millions of unheard but present masses.

Do you see a commonality?

All of them have suffered in some way from terrible diseases and have either suffered or have seen their near and dear ones suffer. And they have realized stem cell research offers the best hope for cure. No amount of religious propaganda and what X or Y messiah wants is not going to convince them. They do not want to see their near and dear ones suffer.

They want … they demand a cure.