After 2006- loan for plastic surgery, Beirut- Lebanon’s first nationalized bank has again captured by the headlines by inaugurating a new loan scheme for stem cell preservation and infertility.

Stem cell preservation is a long process for Lebanon’s, which involves the extraction of blood from the umbilical cord during birth of a baby, to flying it in the UK for sterilization and preservation in cold storage unit for more than 25 years. And so procedure costs upto $2,600-$2,800 (according to Mezher) which is a costly one. Looking into this matter new national bank has started a new facility of allowing loan for stem cell preservation.

They are also opened for infertility loan, which is a major issue of concern with an average of 15% infertility rate across the globe (according to Mezher). Each center in Lebanon charge near about $2,500 per IVF (in-vitro fertilization) and performing 60-100 trials per month (The American University Hospital (AUH)). Lebanon’s national bank with its innovated scheme allows the provide people to take loan up to $7,000 (on the basis of two to three IVF trials), over three years paying back facility. The loan also gives is specially designed to be much more flexible than the personal loan with confidentiality guarantee and no guarantee up to $3,000. It also facilitates with a “revolving loan,” which means that one can continue to take out loans even during the repayment period, as long as the $7,000 line has not been reached.