New research done by the Japanese scientists reveals about a new and safest technique which helps in transforming ordinary cells into embryonic-like stem cells called iPS cells.

Researchers of Shinya Yamanaka of Kyoto University in Japan and colleagues, the master mind behind this new method wanted to develop a safe technique which will help in developing embryonic stem cells. And so, keeping this aim in mind they tried different methods on mice and eventually found that looping three genes into one plasmid and the fourth into another, helps the mouse embryonic cells to revert to a stem-like state and thus act as an embryonic stem cells.

This new invention is supposed to be a ground breaking safest technique as till now scientists were using retroviruses, to transform ordinary skin cells into iPS cells, which look and act like embryonic stem cells. These retroviruses, are supposed to be a dangerous genes, as research shows that these integrate their own genetic material into the cells they infect causing tumors and other side effects.

Moreover it will also put an end to a “Bush” controversy that is linked with embryonic stem cells.