It seems that George Bush’s policy over embryonic stem cell research is paying its price. In a time when the world is fast moving towards stem cell therapy as its future, USA is legging behind. Critics feel that due to Bush’s decision to impose ban on federal fund for embryonic research, the country is legging behind in keeping the pace with the rest of the world. Wonder? Here are some of the achievements in the stem cell research outside the USA.

As the latest achievement, we find a woman receiving the world’s first trachea, or windpipe with her own bone marrow. This Colombian woman receiving the windpipe, as a result of collaborative effort by researchers from Spain, Italy and England.The method which has so far only been used to reconstruct some smaller parts of the heart in laboratory animals, consists of taking a donor trachea and removing the cells using chemicalsand enzymes.

Meanwhile, scientists in South Korea have been able to treat hearing loss in guinea pigs after transplanting stem cells extracted from human bone marrow. Three months after growing the cells in lab dishes and then transplanting them into their inner ears, the animals appeared to have at least partial hearing restored on a permanent basis.

Hello President Bush; are you listening?

Source: Times of India