It can be called a relief for stem cell researchers especially in the USA. The researchers in countries like Germany, China, Brazil and Israel, are successfully treating patients with another form of stem cells repair stem cells (RSCs).

About RSCs:
The human body never stops producing certain cells, like skin or blood cells. The body needs the means to create those cells, so it produces stem cells, or cells that can turn into another, specialized type of cell, like a muscle or brain cell. From birth, the human body produces RSCs in its bone marrow, brain, peripheral blood, blood vessels, skeletal muscle, skin and liver; in fact, more places are still being discovered by scientists.

Doctors are using RSC science to treat patients for over 100 conditions, including heart disease, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis and even autism. RSCs have several advantages over embryonic stem cells, including being natural healers from our own bodies and no risk of sudden tumors.

What researchers say:
Don Margolis, chairman of the Repair Stem Cell Institute says, RSCs are the gold standard in biotechnology. By easily taking them from the patient, culturing them in the lab, then safely injecting them back into patients, scientists are working with the body’s own mechanisms to help people now.

He added,

“Although RSCs are proving to be a viable option for the treatment of many diseases, they are not getting the proper recognition in the U.S.Too many Americans still confuse embryonic stem cells with RSCs, when in all actuality, RSCs occur naturally in our bodies, are completely safe and have no moral issues.”

Source: Imperial Valley News