The science of stem cells is an upcoming technology with god-gifting promises.It is supposed to change the picture of present health domain.Not only human beings will draw enormous benefits out of it , animals will also find the fruits of research rewarding.

You surely don’t believe me, isn’t it? Then what would you say when you hear the story of Cris?

Well Cris is a police dog. A 5-year-old German Shepherd. He tore a muscle in his rear leg during training. Officer Snelson, in-charge of Cris took him to a veterinary surgeon. The surgeon, Dr. Gary Brown after inspecting the injury concluded that it may get repeated. So he opted for an emerging treatment using Cris’ own stem cells. After removing body fat from the stomach area, Brown sent them to a lab in San Diego which extracted the cells and returned them in less than 48 hours.

Then stem cells were injected to the injured muscle and inside veins. Normal muscles grew within months of injury. After 11 weeks Cris was completely cured. His healing was so authentic that he was able to rejoin the force after sometime.

Marvelous , isn’t it? Burglars beware, Cris is prowling near!