Chennai is the proud owner of first of it’s kind non profit public cord blood stem cell bank of India. Here any one can store new born babies umbilical cord blood for the use of any needy person, where tissue matches.

Chennai based blood bank, Jeevan Blood Bank and Research Centre on Thursday inaugurated India’s first ever non-profit public cord blood bank, named as ‘Jeevan Stem Cell Bank’.

Yes, it would be free of cost, bank would not take any charges for collection and storage of the umbilical cord blood.

Unlike private stem cell banks, here poor parents will get the opportunity to store their child’s cord blood at free of cost for saving the life of other needy children and adults as well as their nearest ones.

The stored blood will offer potential stem cell treatment to any children and adults with several diseases, especially blood cancer and thalassemia, provided there should be a tissue match.

According to the medical director of Jeevan blood bank, they will charge Rs.1 lakhs for per unit (23ml) of stem cells, which is less than one eighth comparing with private banks or bank of abroad.

But there will be a special offer for poor people. Stem cells from ‘Jeevan Stem Cell Bank’ would be available free of cost for people living under the below poverty level.

However, parents shall also be favored with private facilities. They will be facilitate with private storing for private uses, with due charges.
At present private users would pay Rs.70,000 to store cold blood for 21 years exclusive use, as stem cells have a self life of 21 years only.

Bank authorities assured about safety. Like blood donors, cord blood donors should be checked for HIV and Hepatitis, in addition they will also perform PCR and nuclear testing.

According to experts, every year about 2,000 transplants are performed across the world using cord blood and the numbers are growing every day.
Presently the cure rate from stem cell therapy for diseases like blood cancer and thalassemia is around  80%. In the future, it may be possible to use these cells to grow damaged tissues or organs. It has a potential of curing more than 100 medical conditions.

Most of the initial set up costs of Rs, 2 crore, came from private bank loan, donations and interest free loans from well wishers. The aim of the project, estimated to cost Rs.115 crore over the next five years.

Contact details of Jeevan Blood Bank and Research Centre

18, Besant Road
Triplicane, Chennai, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600014, India
Phone: 044 2835 0300‎

Source: The Hindu