Australian mother Sonya Smith from Brisbane who was paralysed in a car accident claims she is ‘walking’ after receiving stem cell treatment in India.

She even claims to have recovered ‘deep sensation’ in her thighs and feet and has regained bowel and bladder control.

Mrs Smith is one of more than 300 patients who have been treated in New Delhi by Dr Geeta Shroff — a pioneer of stem cell treatment using embryos.

Eighteen months ago, Australian doctors told mother-of-three Sonya Smith she would be confined to life in a wheelchair.

Her spine was broken after she was crushed by her car when the handbrake failed.

But after eight weeks of embryonic stem cell injections, Mrs Smith says she is able to stand with the aid of callipers and has regained bowel and bladder control.

Stem cells serve as a repair system for the body by dividing to replenish other cells.

When taken from embryos, the cells are not eveloped, so it is believed they are better able to replace damaged tissue.

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