Yet once again Indian stem cell scientist Dr Geeta Shroff has managed to come in the headlines by treating three patients from Aspen having spinal cord injury.

This happens when the Indian doctor achieved success in treating the patients who traveled all the way from Aspen to India. Doctors in U.S are also “curious ” to know about the results of the therapy that the three patients have received from India.

AmandaThree patients named Amanda Boxtel, Leah Roland, and Kasie Burtard were paraplegic and suffering from spinal cord injury for a long time. Thus after knowing about the groundbreaking embryonic stem cell therapy of Dr Geeta Shroff and positive response of her patients, they traveled India hoping that they will again walk in their own feet.

Among them Amanda Boxtel got paralyzed from her waist in a ski accident almost 16 years ago. Today she thanks India’s Geeta Shroff and her stem cell treatment as because of that she is able to walk on her knees and wiggle her toes.

Burtard was unable to move her leg for a long time. Now after receiving stem cell treatment for more than two months, she can stand on her leg without any help.

Roland also become independent after the same stem cell therapy that now she can walk on her own without any help.

Although they all accept the fact that without physical therapy the stem cell treatment would have not been successful.