As reported before Dr. Hwang was able to successfully clone Snuppy, a fact confirmed by the findings of investigative panel at the Seoul National University.

Scientist Hwang Woo Suk was found to be directly involved in the egg donation of his junior researchers and even accompanied them to the hospital where their eggs were removed according to Jeong Myung Hee, head of the investigative panel.

Despite the unprecedented number of human eggs used for the research, Hwang never succeeded in cloning a single patient-specific embryonic stem cell, the panel found. They concluded that no evidence was found either to support that the stem cell line No.1, which was reported and published for the journal Science in 2004, had ever existed.

Korean prosecutors will open a separate investigation into Hwang’s scandal. The potential charges range from misuse of government research funds to fabrication of official documents.

Source: OhmyNews []