Humans are not the only ones who can clone, fire ants too can clone and they do it better than humans.

A type of fire ant found in North and Central America, the Galapagos Islands and West Africa has become capable of cloning itself after what appears to be a gender battle, according to Swiss research published in the science journal Nature on Thursday.

Queen little fire ants use male sperm to produce female worker ants, which are sterile. They only produce new queen ants - their daughters - through a form of cloning that transmits all their genes, Keller added.

But males have also found a way to transmit their genetic structure. They eliminate the female genome in the egg, thereby reproducing a male ant that is genetically identical to its father.

Apparently female fire ants first started cloning thereby “depriving” the males. The males reacted and started cloning themselves.

Looks like nature can accomplish successfully without expensive devices what humans are struggling to do properly for decades.

To nature’s advantage it doesn’t have to deal with stupid moral-police to hinder their progress. And nature doesn’t care a straw for the flimsy ethical dilemma BS arguments against cloning.