In a major breakthrough in stem cell study researchers find human teeth can be a potential source of stem cell. Researchers are very sure about the source, so much that two US companies have offered special jar to preserve human teeth that are no more in use. Unfortunately, they find no users so far.

One such company is StemSave. The company charges a one-time fee of $590 and annual fees of $100 for storage.

Researchers have found that human exfoliated deciduous teeth had cells that showed positive results in tests with mice. So the exfoliated teeth may be an unexpected unique resource for stem-cell therapies including autologous stem-cell transplantation and tissue engineering.

However, others says that freezing teeth is no exception.It is similar to current practice of freezing sperm, eggs or embryos for future use, or maybe more like freezing the body or head of dead people in the hope that future technology will find a way to make it worth the trouble.

Source: Newsok