The Canadian Diabetes Association, country’s foremost organization disseminating information to Canadians on the disease supports using human embryos in destructive research.

A reply to a query by elicited an emailed response from “Susan” at the Canadian Diabetes Association Contact Centre who said that the Association “does not currently fund embryonic stem cell research” as of 2004-5.

“All stem cell work funded by the Association is with cells derived from non-embryonic tissues.” Susan specified the promise shown by transplant research using pancreatic islet cells as an example of adult stem cell research in diabetes. This treatment involves, however, replacing a patient’s islet cells with differentiated donor cells, not stem cells.

A similar response was made in March 2002 by the Canadian Cancer Society stated, “The Canadian Cancer Society and National Cancer Institute of Canada (NCIC) fully support, and will implement, the human embryonic stem cell research guidelines announced today by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research at a media conference in Ottawa.”

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